Our activities are growing; continuing to attract musicians from all around the world, and this in itself is proof of the value of what we offer. However, it is also nice to read a few words from participants who have attended our Weekend Workshops and the DIEM Collegium and Academy


Particepating at the Diem Collegium was an absolutely great experience!! in a professional but friendly atmosphere it was possible to improve your playing and knowledge within only 2 days; it helped me to put things in order, and to understand how to continue studying with more results. Having 2 x7 hours with Adam, and with only a handful of other tromboneplayers is so much more than a few single lessons; one day to absorb, one night to digest -:) and another day to come back and continue. A sort of pressure cooker, where in an efficient and pleasant way you are able to discover your own problems and to learn from those of the others; Thank you Adam for your complete dedication. It was/is worth coming all the way from the Netherlands! 


Die DIEM Academy bietet mir die einzigartige Möglichkeit, neben dem Orchesterberuf mein Interesse an der historischen Aufführungspraxis dauerhaft auszubauen und zu entwickeln, ohne auf die Einmaligkeit eines Meisterkurses beschränkt oder an den großen Zeitaufwand eines Hochschulstudiums gebunden zu sein. In technischer, stilistischer und allgemein- musikalischer Hinsicht erhalte ich in den Einzelstunden mit Adam viele wertvolle und inspirierende Anregungen für mein Barockposaunenspiel und die offene Gestaltung der Academy bietet viel Raum für bereichernden Austausch mit den anderen Teilnehmern. Im gemeinsamen kammermusikalischen Arbeiten kann man sich ohne den Druck einer Aufführung Zeit nehmen für das Musizieren aus historischen Quellen, die Diskussion verschiedener Interpretationsansätze, ausführliche Verzierungspraxis und vieles mehr. Dabei profitieren alle Mitwirkenden in hohem Maße von Adams reichem Erfahrungsschatz und seiner motivierenden, inspirierenden Art. Die DIEM Academy ist in jeder Hinsicht eine anregende Bereicherung für meine musikalische Tätigkeit.
Carl-Philipp Kaptain – Co-Principal Trombone Jena Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany

スペインはバスク地方に位置するドノスティア(サンセバスティアン)で開催されたドノスティア古楽アカデミーに参加した事は、私にとってとても貴重な体験になりました。Adam Woolf氏による個人レッスンでは、音楽と演奏テクニックとの両面から、その人に合った的確なアドバイスを受けることができます。アンサンブルにおいては、私たちはたくさんのチャレンジを通して、古楽を演奏することの楽しさや奥深さを改めて深く感じることが出来ました。このドノスティア古楽アカデミーに参加する事は、古楽においての初心者から上級者まで全ての人にとっての大きな経験になる事は間違いなく、また自分にとってこのアカデミーに参加し続ける事は、自分の躍進への大きな糧になるという事を確信しています。

It was a very valuable experience for me to participate in the DIEM Academy held in Donostia (San Sebastian) located in Basque Country in Spain. In individual lessons by Mr. Adam Woolf, you can receive appropriate advice suitable for each person from both sides of music and performance technique. In the ensemble, we were able to feel deeply the pleasure and depth of playing early music through a lot of challenges. Participating in this DIEM Academy is definitely going to be a great experience for everyone in early music from novice to advanced. I’m sure that continuing to participate in this academy will be a big progress for me.


  • Thank you Adam for a wonderful three days of passionate and inspiring teaching.  I look forward to our future plans. [sackbut player from Australia]
  • Thank you. You’re pretty special, dedicated et al to work with too. You bring out the best in people: which is a rare gift. I will count that weekend very special.  [singer from England]
  • Aprovecho para decirte que el Workshop me pareció fantástico. La preparación, el repertorio, la dirección, todo perfecto. (cornetto player from Bilbao)
  • Thank you Adam to organize and make this hapen, It was a great experience for me. And yes, I will be very happy if you organice another course in San Sebastian. [string player from San Sebastián]
  • I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into the recent DIEM weekend in San Sebastian. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. (singer from the UK)
  • I really enjoyed participating in such a challenging programme. It was fun being a proper part of the ensemble singing together with wonderful and enthusiastic instrumentalists. And a joy to work with you Adam – never a cross word – only ever smiling encouragement! (singer from the UK)